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Volunteer with us, in any category that you are passionate about. Whether it is an environmental clean-up, a conservation plan, or teaching young students about health impacts of pollution - join us and help us heal our planet!


The "EN-bassador" Program


Our goal is recruit and train a  group of committed students to become environmental health educators and activists. If you would like to become an "EN-bassador" for your community, representing HEAL, please email us with your name, phone, and why you would like to be a part of this initiative.


We will get back to you and let you know of our decision, depending on the time and number of applicants. 


HEAL will talk with you, via phone/zoom, regarding potential projects for your community and ideas you may have!


"EN-bassador" Responsibilities

  • Lead and participate in service opportunities involving the environment and sustainability within your school and community.

  • Help us increase overall student awareness of our actions environmental.

  • Become the seeds that grow our organization locally and globally!

Meet EN-bassadors

Meet the EN-bassadors

Fares Elsherbiny Picture.jpg

Fares Elsherbiny

Vivian Pic_edited.png

Vivian Quint

Layla Moussavi Pic_edited.jpg

Layla Moussavi

Niveda Mahesh 4g4c

Niveda Mahesh

Ivan Nicolai Picture.jpg

Ivan Nicolai

Anika Senan 4g4c

Anika Senan


Salma Sherdil

Nadita Mahesh 4g4c

Nandita Mahesh

Jaela Bard Pic.jpg

Jaela Bard

Aidan Patterson Picture.jpg

Aidan Patterson

Nitika Senan 4g4c

Nitika Senan

Leena Sherdil.jpg

Leena Sherdil

Layah Nasr _edited.jpg

Layah Nasr

Desmen Boykin.jpg

Desmen Boykin

Interested in Joining?

tia pic.jpeg

Tia Brown

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