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Health Related Projects
See what HEAL is currently doing to support global and community health. Here you will find our health related projects!

Clean Water Initiative in Afghanistan

Our Vice-President of Public health and Communications, Sophia Qamari, has family who lives in Mazar-I-Sharif, Afghanistan. Water contamination in newly built wells is a serious concern in this region because of rudimentary water and sanitation systems built in the aftermath of war. HEAL is working closely with people overseas in order to send water testing kits to water well locations.

Eye Doctor

I-Care Program:

Protecting Eyes and Preserving Vision

The environment can impact our health in many ways. Certain environmental exposures differ based on their occupation and access to affordable health care. Pterygium is a condition affecting the eye where pinkish, triangular tissue growth develops on the clear, thin, and transparent tissue that covers the white portion of the eye and extends towards the cornea. HEAL is creating an opportunity to facilitate early detection and treatment of pterygia among low-income outdoor workers by facilitating free or low-cost eye care.

Hygiene Products Pic4_edited.jpg

Afghan Refugee Feminine Hygiene Drive

At HEAL, we believe the environment has a profound impact on health and wellness and we recognize that this includes socioeconomic, natural, and built environment determinants. We have watched with growing concern the displacement of Afghan people from their home environment and country, as they struggle to start a new life in the U.S. In response, our organization led an effort in collecting such products and delivering them to the Quantico base camps. 


Winter Clothing Drive

HEAL and 4Girls4Change have partnered during this Winter season to foster a healthy and warm environment with our first Winter Clothing Drive for the homeless community in Prince William County. The collected clothing will be donated to a non-profit organization, H.U.G.S., who will distribute the collected goods to ensure everyone has a safe and warm winter season.

Doctor Examining Patient

Studying Eye and Kidney Health Outcomes among Diabetic Patients

In this study, HEAL EN-bassador Layla Moussavi and HEAL President Arman Lateef hope to identify social and environmental determinants of eye and kidney health outcomes among diabetic patients who seek care at a busy clinical practice in Northern Virginia. They will be identifying potential precursors to these bad outcomes, and hope to highlight how to prevent them and advocate for such services within their community.

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