Our Endeavours

See what HEAL is currently doing to educate students and their community about the environment. Here you will find our programs, resources, initiatives, and more!

Environmental Stewardship
Besides educating society and students about the environment, HEAL hopes to perform community-wide and global projects tackling different aspects of the environment. 


Economics, environmental health and human well-being are interconnected and interdependent and we hope to promote robust local and global environmental sustainability programs

Healthy Built Environment

We hope to partner with local, and quality of work-life by integrating the development of buildings and grounds with the natural environment and by promoting indoor environmental quality.

Pollution Prevention

We hope to organize projects that minimize solid waste generation and
the release of pollutants into the environment. We will do this both by source reduction, and by reuse and recycling.

Conservation of Energy, Water and Other Resources

We will promote efficient use of
resources and advocate for practical conservation strategies in existing buildings.

Outdoor Recycling in Prince William County Schools (PWCS), Virginia

Our Vision

To spearhead a robust outdoor recycling program in PWCS, the second largest school division in Virginia, to conserve resources as well as educate students on the importance of environmental sustainability and conservation.

Our Objectives

  1. Collaborate with PWCS Facilities Services and pilot an outdoor recycling program at one high school.

  2. Work with school leadership to design a successful program as well as engage students on this topic.

  3. Create a model and guidelines that can be replicated at schools around the division.

Our Plan

We have been working with Mr. Brian Gorham, administrative coordinator in the Office of Facilities Services who oversees the school division’s energy management program, and his colleague Ms. Weimer. We are planning for installation of the outdoor receptacles by the end of summer 2021. We also hope to create a blueprint for other schools in the division to adopt our outdoor recycling initiative and move towards a greener PWCS.


Clean Water Initiative in Afghanistan

Our Vision

Our Vice-President of Public health and Communications, Sophia Qamari, has family who lives in Mazar-I-Sharif, Afghanistan. Water contamination in newly built wells is a serious concern in this region because of rudimentary water and sanitation systems built in the aftermath of war. Currently, there are two wells that are used by the public, one has been installed at a local Mosque and the other is located by a street. Much of the public is under the impression that once a well is installed it suggests that they now have access to clean water, which we know is not always the case.

Our Plan

HEAL decided to launch our first global project in this community. We intend to pilot well water testing kits that will be translated in Farsi. This will provide over 300 individuals using these wells with the ability to ensure consumable water quality. Our team has researched testing kits and raised funds to procure the necessary supplies. One we assemble the kits we will proceed with translating the instructions and educate the local public health individuals on how to use them.

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