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Make An Impact

Get Involved

Are you a fellow environmental enthusiast? Or, do you just love nature and want to do anything in your power to preserve this earth? If yes, HEAL needs you!

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Opportunities To Help Us Grow 

These are some of the ways you can contribute to the HEAL mission.  Any help will be greatly appreciated! 


We always seeking organizations that want to contribute  valuable advice, insight, and connections to benefit our cause. Contact us if you would like to partner!


Volunteering with HEAL involves contributing time to help with workshops, logistics, and activity planning.  Contact us if you want to help out! 

Host An Event

Do you work at a school or center that would benefit from some of the HEAL initiatives (in-person/virtual)?  Contact us of you would like to organize an event!

Curricular Development

Is your class/community interested in obtaining some of HEAL's environmental education resources? Email us directly with more information!

Mentor and Support

HEAL loves to spread the word and create resources about the environment, but we are limited in expertise. We love to connect with experts in the field. Contact us of you would like to connect/mentor with us!


Increase Awareness

Become Informed 

One of HEAL's constant initiatives is to keep student, communities, and society at-large informed about current environmental events. As a result, we have designated an entire page dedicated to environmental news that is up-to-date and scientifically valid. As citizens of this world, we have a responsibility to stay informed, especially when the topic is about the safety of our planet!

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