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Summer STEAM Camp Collaboration with
One World

Our Vision

To design an engaging and effective environmental health camp curriculum for Neabsco Elementary School and to
educate campers on the huge impact of environmental issues on human health and raise awareness regarding sustainability, by focusing on impacts in 4 domains: air, water, soil, and food.

Our Curriculum Plan (Designed by: Arman Lateef)

DAY 1 The Air we Breathe

  • Introduction of overall camp theme

  • Lesson Plan: Indoor Air – What’s the matter

DAY 3 In Search of Good Soil

  • Nitty Gritty soil kit

  • Artistic montage by using different soil types collected form outdoors


DAY 4 Focus on Food

  • Chef Annie, a member of our advisory board, demonstrates how fruits and vegetables can be easily preserved to avoid spoilage

  • Food safety activities and games

DAY 2 Campaign for Clean Water

  • Who Polluted the Bay – Co-curricular Activity looking at how early settlers suffered the consequences of polluted water sources.

  • Hands on activity – testing different filtration methods.

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