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Outdoor Recycling in Prince William County Schools (PWCS), Virginia

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Our Vision

To spearhead a robust outdoor recycling program in PWCS, the second largest school division in Virginia, to conserve resources as well as educate students on the importance of environmental sustainability and conservation.

Our Objectives

  1. Collaborate with PWCS Facilities Services and pilot an outdoor recycling program at one high school.

  2. Work with school leadership to design a successful program as well as engage students on this topic.

  3. Create a model and guidelines that can be replicated at schools around the division.

Our Plan

HEAL has collaborated with Prince William County Schools’ office of Energy and Sustainability to spearhead an outdoor recycling program in Colgan High School. The program has been successfully implemented at Colgan High School as of December 2021. We have also created a Roadmap for other schools in the division to adopt our outdoor recycling initiative and move towards a greener PWCS. Finally, in collaboration with Mr. Brian Gorham and Ms. Jessica Weimer, we have created a problem-based learning curriculum, called Roadmap for a Greener PWCS. PWC schools and students who are interested in implementing an outdoor recycling program can use this project outline as a project-based learning opportunity.  


Check out our published documents made in collaboration with the PWCS Office of Energy and Sustainability!

Pictures and Video from Prince William County

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