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"If you want to learn about the health of a population, look at the air they breathe, the water they drink, and the places where they live."
As Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine, elaborates, investigating and improving upon the health of a community involves several steps; educating society about our environment and the actions that can either positively or negatively impact an ecosystem is imperative if we are to sustain this earth for the coming years. This is one of the cornerstones of HEAL. 


We will be creating curricular resources and materials for students, schools, and more; we hope to revolutionize environmental education!


HEAL plans to host events  and post weekly blog articles to spread the word about our environment and its associated ecosystems.


Behind every organization or initiative, there is a cohesive and coalition of dedicated individuals devoted to a cause. 

Environment Pollution

HEAL is always open to advice, feedback, and information from the community. Let us know more about you and your connection to the environment!


HEAL is a community organization led by a coalition of dedicated individuals who all share a common passion to spread awareness about the environment we inhabit. Ecosystems and life continue to evolve and change depending highly on external influences. Climate change and pollution are just two of the major environmental issues present today; reversing the negative trajectory requires a society that is informed and understands how the environment affects our health. Consequently, we hope to engage and educate young students on how the environment affects human life. In addition, we aspire to undertake projects that promote healthier environments locally and globally.


INFORM students, of all ages and various backgrounds, about the environment and its direct impact on our health.

PRESERVE the environment and continue to conduct initiatives that will enhance, improve, and liven what is around us, no matter how small or large an impact. 

PROSPER in a sustainable earth that supports a diverse ecosystem and keeps us healthy!


An "Environmental Health Education"

The environment is a topic that is overlooked in the educational realm; by many, it is thought to lack a certain amount of substance usually desired for a standard core class. We have researched that the only time a student would be fully engrossed in such a topic would be in high-school if they had the option to take an advanced course on the environment. Besides this, a student may never have exposure to an environmental education, apart from the occasional unit tossed around in a core science class (biology, chemistry, etc). A true environmental education is one where students are taught about the two-way connection between an ecosystem and the human population. 

Fun Fact

The Pollution Problem

Did you know the the word "pollution" has several meanings when it comes to the environment. Air pollution, one known by many, is not the only type that has an impact on our earth. Emissions from factories and motor-vehicles comprises one piece of the pollution puzzle; understanding the other types illustrates how broad the subject is and also why it is incredibly difficult for environmentalists to come up with a single solution. HEAL has defined four forms of pollution: air, water, food, and soil. 






Get Involved 

Change Your Environment

Are you an environmental activist or student who loves nature? If yes, HEAL is the place for you! We are always looking to get in touch with fellow nature enthusiasts to increase awareness about environmental health. Below are some of the ways you can contribute to our mission. 


Are you a student looking to improve your environment? At all of our events, we are in need of helping hands. HEAL hopes to create a network of student environmentalists! 


HEAL realizes it's limited in its expertise related to the environmental sciences; in order to create curricular resources that can be distributed, we need a experts in the field! 


Are you connected to a school, a educational system, or a summer camp? HEAL's environmental resources may be of use to your students. Reach out with requests!

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