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Tia Brown

Vice President,

Education & Outreach

Tia Brown is a junior attending Charles J. Colgan High School in Manassas, Virginia. She lives at home with her parents and sister. Tia found an immense love for the arts at a young age, taking up piano, viola, and bass guitar. At Colgan, she focuses her education on creative writing, journalism, and, English. She plans to graduate from high school a year early with her advanced diploma. Tia’s interest in environmental health was peaked when she had first heard of the Flint Water Crisis. She then realized the major role the environment has on our health.

Tia adamantly believes that the choices we make now have a lasting impact on future generations. Which is why she was so excited to join HEAL. She is grateful that her peers in HEAL share the same ideals as she, and aim to educate and establish the importance of a healthy, clean environment, on human health.

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