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Feminine Hygiene Products Drive for Afghan Refugees

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

At HEAL, we believe the environment has a profound impact on health and wellness and we recognize that this includes socioeconomic, natural, and built environment determinants. We have watched with growing concern the displacement of Afghan people from their home environment and country, as they struggle to start a new life in the U.S. While many are leading efforts to meet their immediate needs including food, shelter, and clothing, the refugees have other equally pressing but unspoken needs, such as feminine hygiene products. Our organization is glad to lead an effort in collecting such products and delivering them to the Quantico base camps. We understand that modesty is an integral part of Afghan culture, and we plan to wrap up the packages and discreetly label them. We hope to start with 100 packages of feminine products and hygiene kits with soap and deodorant. \In collaboration with Operation Allies we started a fundraiser on GoFundMe to help obtain feminine hygiene products for the Afghan refugees.

Project Update EN-bassadors Leena and Salma Sherdil, with efforts from HEAL leaders, Sophia Qamari and Arman Lateef – successfully raised over $5000 to fund the Feminine Hygiene Products drive for Afghan Refugees. The HEAL members delivered 275 feminine hygiene kits to a refugee housing facility in Leesburg, VA. We are incredibly grateful to Operation Allies Welcome, the branch of Homeland Security that oversees refugee resettlement, for helping facilitate this donation.

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