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Arman Lateef

Founder & President

Arman Lateef is a senior at Charles J. Colgan High School in Manassas, VA. Arman’s keen awareness of the environment’s impact on human health inspired him to create this organization. An asthma sufferer himself, he realized that the ability to breathe clean air or drink clean water was a privilege that he did not share with many across the globe, so he forged a collaboration with like-minded young scientists and environmental activists to implement meaningful changes. He hopes to educate students on the specific human health impacts of pollutants while also pioneering community and global projects that improve environmental health.

Arman is also an active student researcher and his work in environmental health has included designing Microbial Fuel Cells as well as examining the mutagenic impacts of prenatal exposure to particulate matter pollution. His most recent project studies the efficacy of different mask types in filtering air pollutants. For fun, Arman loves to play video games, hangout with friends, and watch movies. He is also an active member of the Colgan Robotics and Crew teams.

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