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Tony Bright

Vice President, Technology

Tony Bright is a senior at Charles J. Colgan High School in Manassas, Virginia. Tony is very excited in his role as Vice President, Science and Technology. In this position Tony’s goal is to bridge the gap between K-8th environmental education through technology and being able to inform and provide ways not only to help clean the Earth but with emphasis on what each student and adult can do to keep it that way.  Tony’s prior technology experience includes being the lead programmer for his school’s robotics team that earned the title of Virginia State Champions of 2020.

Tony also actively participates in school science fairs including the Virginia Junior Academy of Science (VJAS). In 7th grade, Tony and Arman Lateef decided to develop a possible alternate power source using non-renewable resources which was also a sustainable source of energy/creek mud.  More recently, along with partners, Arman Lateef, and Gabriel Ralston, and he focused on human health and the use of flies as models, showing the adverse effects of pollution on human health in the first and second generations. In the future, Tony plans to pursue a career in engineering.

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